The German Federal Government announced its intention to implement the EITI in July 2014. Many milestones have been achieved since then. At the time of writing, the Multi-Stakeholder Group and the Secretariat are working intensively on the preparation of the first report. The Independent Administrator, Warth & Klein Grant Thornton ( has already started work and is currently obtaining the necessary data about payment flows between companies and tax authorities. When that task has been completed, payment reconciliation will be carried out. The report will be published in August 2017.

From preparation to canditacy:
What has the D-EITI already achieved?
July 2014
Appointment EITI Special Representative
March 2015
From candidacy to full member of the EITI –
what comes next?
Jan. 2019
Mid 2019
Annual reports
Von der Kandidatur zum EITI-Vollmitglied: Was steht noch bevor?
July 2014
Öffentliche Erklärung zur Umsetzung der EITI
July 2014
Benennung einer ranghohen Persönlichkeit zum EITI-Beauftragten
Nov. 2014
March 2015
1.Sitzung der MSG
March 2015
Dec. 2015
EITI-Kandidaturantrag mit Arbeitsplan
Feb. 2016
Annahme der Kandidatur durch internationalen EITI-Vorstand
Von der Vorbereitungsgruppe zum EITI-Kandidatenland: Was hat die D-EITI schon erreicht?
Jährliche Berichte,
End 2018
EITI-erfüllendes Land
Aug. 2018
(Unabhängige Überprüfung)
Aug. 2017
Erster D-EITI-Bericht

Before the International EITI Board could agree to Germany’s application for EITI candidate status, four requirements had to be met:

  1. A public statement by the government.
  2. The appointment of a senior official as EITI Special Representative.
  3. The obligation to work with business and civil society and to establish an MSG.
  4. The presentation of a work plan (with objectives, activities and deadlines) for the implementation of the EITI.

The MSG of the D-EITI was appointed on March 10, 2015. It prepared the content of the German candidacy and agreed on common objectives and a work plan for the future implementation of EITI in Germany. The Parliamentary State Secretary at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), Uwe Beckmeyer, was appointed EITI Special Representative by the Federal Government.

When the five requirements had been met, the MSG resolved to submit an application D-EITI candidacy at its meeting on November 9, 2015. The Federal Government submitted the application to the EITI International Secretariat in Oslo on December 22, 2015, together with an official letter from the D-EITI Special Representative.